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Creating, Publishing & Marketing Your Book /E-book for Broadest Impact Award-winning publisher and media instructor shares simple steps to publishing success (including ebooks)

50 – 110 minutes. How do you write and publish a book/ebook--and have it read? How to get your story into decision-makers/readers' hands? In the digital age, plot, character and setting are still essential; what has changed is distribution. Ebooks often outsell physical books. Award-winning publisher Karl Beckstrand presents the pros and cons of traditional, self-, and e-publishing (including Print on Demand). He shares how to market to a global audience using traditional and new media. He tells how to find an illustrator, agent, and editor. He can take questions and recommend options based on participant needs (in English or Spanish). Participants will learn how to research, organize, write, publish, and market their stories (including Internet options, fiction, and non-fiction). Throughout the presentation, Beckstrand asks the audience to provide examples of successful stories and discuss why they succeed. Can be an author panel with advanced notice. EXTRA: Discussion on THE 7 PLOTS - Quest, Overcoming the monster, Comedy or Tragedy (others vs. one's own life), Journey & return, Rebirth/redemption, Rags to riches

Entrepreneurship & Your Life's Gifts Award-winning publisher discusses finding your life's work and making a happy difference in the world

50 – 110 minutes. Examining one's life for gifts and passions can empower a person to know his/her strengths and purpose. Business owner Karl Beckstrand shares how to discover and craft one's unique life's work, and how to contribute to the larger community. Now THAT'S fulfillment! Beckstrand speaks on assembling a team to maximize reach. He guides people on business or organization set-up--and on sharing one's vision with the world. Participants will be able to evaluate whether their passion is something one can live on--or something to give in spare moments (includes Q&A and information on business start-up & resources, marketing, and networking. Can be a panel with advanced notice.

Areas of expertise: Advertising - TV/radio/print/online (SEO/PPC/Social Media); Agile Product Creation; HR, Diversity, Staffing & Contracts; Marketing & PR; Ethics; Public Speaking, Training & Instruction; Teamwork, Teambuilding; Sales & Business Development; Start-ups & Small Business Administration; Web Design. SEE ChildrenEarn.com

Diversity Enriches Everyone Bilingual author Karl Beckstrand shares how diversity makes communities and individuals better

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50 – 110 minutes. Bestselling author Karl Beckstrand is passionate about literacy and using the arts to give people of all backgrounds a vision of their potential. His multicultural biographies, fiction, ebook mysteries, activity and language books (Spanish-English with pronunciation guide) feature ethnically diverse characters and have been lauded by the Horn Book blog, School Library Journal, Kirkus Reviews and ForeWord Reviews Magazine. Mr. Beckstrand shares his stories with wit and compassion--emphasizing that every person is valuable and has gifts that contribute to the broader community. Beckstrand has worked with people from all parts of the world--especially Latin America (he lived in Chile for two years). He can present in both Spanish and English. Panel option with notice.

Artistic Education Bestselling author and media instructor shares 10 fun ways to engage learners via the arts (and food)

50 – 110 minutes. Where do stories come from? How does a story become a book/e-book/film/play? Can you paint? How did your family end up where you live? Can you eat that? Beckstrand lives to share ideas with educators, parents, and groups--in English or Spanish--on how to engage learners in story creation/performance, healthy lifestyles, family history, and family fun time. Beckstrand's learning activities include themes of courage, faith, sharing, and friendship. Activities convey important skills and human values while entertaining all ages. Participants will be able to implement activities in one-on-one or classroom settings for hands-on learning and engagement. Also: The Quality Time Myth! Ten Together Activities for Healthful Learning

Areas of expertise: Mass Media; Creativity; Curriculum Creation; Education & Teacher Development; English/ESL Instruction; History & Social Science; Humanities (music, art, theater, literature); Adobe Creative Cloud; Multicultural stories; Nutrition & Health; Political Science & International Organizations; Theology/Religion; Family History Research/Genealogy; Languages/Interpretation; Teaching & Learning Activities; Vulnerability, Shame & Acceptance

Finding & Sharing Family Stories Bestselling author shares simple steps to documenting and publishing stories for posterity & the world (including writing your autobiography)

50 – 110 minutes. "I grew up hearing the stories of my ancestors, which include pilgrims, Mormon pioneers and possibly Native Americans. I love to share their lessons. I'm researching the third in a series on ancestors who immigrated to America as children." Where is your family from? How does a family or personal story become a book/e-book? Participants will learn how to research family histories and biographies, interview family members, create and document stories, and publish them for family or the world--using genealogy sites, traditional publishing and e-publishing, and traditional and social media (includes e-books and biographies. Can be a panel or workshop).

Writing for Mass Media College media instructor teaches how to write news, screenplays, Web, and ad content to win viewers and media attention

50 – 110 minutes. Beckstrand gives a crash course on script writing, Associated Press style, and/or writing for the Web. He’ll show how to get your work into decision-makers' hands, the difference between benefits and features (how to avoid hype), and headlines that will grab media professionals. He'll tell how to land an interview or a spot on a show. He can also answer questions regarding inverted pyramid story structure, formatting, treatments, summaries, metadata, links, press releases, and other details that can get a story noticed.

Areas of expertise: Publicity, Journalism, Publishing, Broadcasting & Film (studio, radio, film, television); Marketing & Public Relations; Web; Creativity (music, art, theater, literature); International Organizations; Teaching & Learning Activities; Public Speaking

Beckstrand takes time to answer participant questions. He can facilitate panels, workshops, labs, and seminars (in English or Spanish) and does short Skype appearances for free. One-sheet

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¿De dónde es su familia? ¿Qué se puede hacer con una banana madura? ¿De dónde vienen los cuentos y libros? ¿Ha estado usted asustado por sonidos en su casa? Hábil en español tanto como en inglés, Karl Beckstrand escribe y hable desde las experiencias personales, y le encanta compartir historias. Los temas incluyen: Escribir y publicar historias en forma tradicional y electronica; Elejir y disfrutar de una carrera por la vida; Crear y compartir historias de la familia; Actividades divertidas para el aprendizaje; y como escribir para la prensa, peliculas, o el Web. Se esfuerza para incluir ideas entretenidas para los adultos también. Él tiene libros con actividades de lenguaje, búsqueda, contar, y del cocino. Sus libros bilingües incluyen una guía de pronunciación en ambos idiomas. Uno de sus libros es la historia real de una inmigrante que no hablaba inglés. "Siempre intento incluir un mensaje de coraje o valor", dice.

“In the decade-plus I've known Karl he has consistently exhibited creativity--and a focus and enthusiasm for life that I am quite proud to witness as his success in bringing his [works] to market. … I strive to help others live with the ease of joy Karl naturally possesses. This quality positively infects his books and enriches his [audience's] experiences.” Simone da Rosa, wellness coach, speaker, writer